Your home is a mix of objects, furniture, textiles and colors united by an invisible and essential thread that gives meaning and coherence: YOU.

You are that thread that argues the discourse that emerges from each stay: your experiences, dreams and trips are there, telling your story. Our collections are designed to be part of those stitches and continue writing your story with us.


The power of color

Color is a powerful antidote for moments of crisis. Colors awaken feelings, emotions and desires in us and have the power to heal, motivate and make us feel good.
One of the easiest ways to add color to your home is through accessories. Discover our cushions, table lamps and lampshades in a fun and colorful palette.


Our favorite material: Rattan

It is undoubtedly our star material and whenever we think of a product, we imagine it in rattan. A warm, sustainable and very versatile material always present in our collection. From mirrors, lamps, baskets to accessories such as vases, they are part of our collection of rattan items.


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