Where Creativity Meets Tradition

Welcome to Mahe Homeware, where creativity meets tradition, and artistry intertwines with functionality. Our store is a sanctuary for professionals seeking curated decor accessories and furniture that tell stories of beauty, heritage, and soulful craftsmanship. Each piece from Mahe Homeware is more than an item; it’s a journey, a masterpiece, and a testament to the skillful hands that shape it.


  • We celebrate the artistry of traditional crafts. Whenever possible, we choose artisanal work. A 100% handmade item can never be exactly replicated. Each piece is distinct, making our creations truly unique.

  • Handcrafted items may bear minor imperfections, which are an integral part of the product’s character. Embrace these imperfections as original features. “The shiniest fruits aren’t always the juiciest.”

  • We collaborate with small businesses with limited production capacity. Our small-scale productions allow artisans the time needed to perfect even the finest details.

  • We embrace natural materials for their sustainability, versatility, and warmth. However, they also have limitations – availability can be affected by weather conditions. Materials like rattan and bamboo require drying for optimal quality, and rainy periods can cause delays in production.

  • Artisanal or non-local production does not equate to lower ethics, sustainability, or quality. Our choice of production location is guided by artisans’ expertise with specific materials. Some crafts are unfortunately fading in our own countries, and our efforts help keep these traditions alive while supporting communities globally.

  • Our product designs aim for the perfect blend of beauty and functionality.

  • We maintain direct daily contact with our artisans. Regular visits to their workshops allow us to ensure dignified working conditions and a positive atmosphere.

  • We create small collections, prioritizing timeless products and quality over quantity.

At Mahe Homeware, we are more than a store; we are a movement, a celebration of heritage, craftsmanship, and innovation. Join us in honoring the past, shaping the present, and crafting a future filled with stories that transcend time. Experience the magic of Mahe Homeware, where each piece is a chapter in a story waiting to be cherished.